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November 24, 2015 6:09 pm

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My 2 Week Notice is a Courtesy, So You’re Welcome A**hole


Story by: YoureWelcome Industry: marketing or whatever I put in my two weeks on Friday and up until now, I really wish I hadn’t. I’ve slaved my blood, sweat, and tears for this job. I’ve volunteered to work weekends and even worked 6 days in a row. If I didn’t mention this to my boss, […]

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I Hate Midnight Screening

popcorn at the movies

Rant by: UpAllNight Industry: Movie Theater I HATE MIDNIGHT SCREENINGS. Seriously, they ruin my summer. “Work with me at the movie theater.” said my friend now co-worker. “It will be fun!” said my friend now co-worker. “People won’t order a lot of snacks because it’s late.” said my friend now co-worker. “It won’t be stressful.” […]

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Getting Attack By A Momma Bear!

Momma will take care of this.

Rant by: Person that is never having kids Industry: Adult Education Last week I called a student letting him know that he was ineligible for admissions because his GPA was too low and he will need to petition if he wants to be fully admitted. Few days later, I get a call from the student’s mom […]

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3 Steps to Gracefully Quit Your Job

Dear Boss, I quit: unhappy employee message

Everyone dreams about quitting a terrible job. It’s a beautiful, liberating move, but not something you want to do in the heat of the moment. Quitting without a plan is just a recipe for disaster – as good as it feels to tell your boss you’re never coming back, it’ll be three times as bad […]

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Nasty Ass Work Place, Literally


I work in an affluent city, where you would think people don’t do this kind of stuff. The moment I left my office, I see someone’s pooped stained underwear on the floor. They don’t look like they belong to a homeless person, but you never know. The funny thing is, there’s two large industrial trash […]

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