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July 25, 2014 6:02 pm

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5 Horrific Office Injuries Waiting To Attack YOU


From the quiet seclusion of your wheelie chair at the computer, you may feel a sense of comfort and safety from the world, knowing you’re not in any immediate physical danger. Wild dogs, bar fights, shark attacks – none of these things fall into the realm of possibility while you’re at work (unless you work […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Calling In Sick


We’ve all done it, called in sick when we really just didn’t feel like going into work. But depending on the company, you can actually get fired for calling in, whether you are sick or not. So while you’re contemplating when you are planning on getting the flu or when you have unbearable lady cramps, […]

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5 Tips & Should Dos Before An Interview

Son, even I would not hire you with that answer.

Landed a job interview? Congratulations but you still have quite a road ahead of you. To set yourself apart from other candidates, you must be prepared mentally and physically. Obviously you should dress well, brush your teeth, wear deodorant, etc. But it’s important to do your homework. Here are five tips before an interview: 1. […]

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3 Steps to Gracefully Quit Your Job

Dear Boss, I quit: unhappy employee message

Everyone dreams about quitting a terrible job. It’s a beautiful, liberating move, but not something you want to do in the heat of the moment. Quitting without a plan is just a recipe for disaster – as good as it feels to tell your boss you’re never coming back, it’ll be three times as bad […]

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5 Ridiculously Awesome Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

Nyotaimori-Japanese-Culture-Pics 08

Tax Day is over, you’ve received a fatty check, and now you’ve got the urge to splurge! Putting your money into savings or paying off your credit card debt are the things to do, but that’s boring. Here are 5 ridiculously awesome ways you should do instead: Cash your check for dollar bills and MAKE […]

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