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July 27, 2014 11:14 pm

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Football is Soccer?


Story by: You’re Kidding Me Industry: Bar So I work for a sports bar here in my neighborhood and most of the bartenders here are girls. I guess the manager figures that girls get more tips, or that he likes to look up our skirts. Whatever. So we all know it’s the world cup season, […]

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Get a Pedicure!

Putting on new shoes

Story by: FeetsBiatch Industry: Shoe Retail So I work in a shoe retail shop, you know, putting shoes on customer’s feet and lying to them that they look great on them. People! People! please wash your feet or get a pedicure if you are going to be shoe shopping. If your feet smells like dog […]

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Getting Attack By A Momma Bear!

Momma will take care of this.

Rant by: Person that is never having kids Industry: Adult Education Last week I called a student letting him know that he was ineligible for admissions because his GPA was too low and he will need to petition if he wants to be fully admitted. Few days later, I get a call from the student’s mom […]

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More Cabernet Please


Story by: Admin (that’s right) Industry: Marketing I personally question the taste of some people sometimes. I had this one client that wanted an ad design for them. She gave me no word content what so ever. All I received from them was their logo (low quality), and an image of her (also low quality). […]

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How To Pour A Meniscus

Gang Member Grabs Nerd

Story By: anonymous Industry: Bartending When I was 19 I had the worst job in Port Elizabeth, next to cleaning the prison showers. I was the sole bar tender at a restaurant dwindling into bankruptcy. To boost its clientele, we sold cheap liquor and offered free peanuts (this was considered a marketing gimmick by management). […]

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