A Rant and Vent Place For Us "I Hate My Job" People
May 22, 2015 9:00 am

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just leave

Dear sick co-worker, Go the fuck home! You’re not doing anyone any favors by staying at work. Coming to work isn’t showing off your hard work ethic, you’re actually disrespecting the very same air we breathe. You realize, when you sneeze into your arm, you’re sneezing onto the my desk. When you, blow your nose […]

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He Will Not Shut Up

Cut it out

So I have this co-worker, he’s good at his job and all and he brings in the money. But damn, he is just so annoying. I mean he IS our sales guys, and you know how bad their personality can be. Apparently, he has an opinion about EVERYTHING, and will walk with you down the hall way expressing […]

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I Hate Midnight Screening

popcorn at the movies

Rant by: UpAllNight Industry: Movie Theater I HATE MIDNIGHT SCREENINGS. Seriously, they ruin my summer. “Work with me at the movie theater.” said my friend now co-worker. “It will be fun!” said my friend now co-worker. “People won’t order a lot of snacks because it’s late.” said my friend now co-worker. “It won’t be stressful.” […]

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Nasty Ass Work Place, Literally


I work in an affluent city, where you would think people don’t do this kind of stuff. The moment I left my office, I see someone’s pooped stained underwear on the floor. They don’t look like they belong to a homeless person, but you never know. The funny thing is, there’s two large industrial trash […]

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The Mystery Urinator

Businesswomen fighting

Story by: HateUFlippy Industry: The people that customers yell at. Working for an awful boss is a right of passage. You’ve got to try it at some point, else you’ll have nothing to compare a great boss to. Sure, it’s not fun taking orders from a vulture who makes you feel like crap, but it’s […]

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