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November 25, 2015 8:10 am

7 Best Places to Look for a Job

Are you on the job hunt and have no idea where to start? Looking for your dream job but you can’t seem to find it? Here’s the thing, some of the best jobs may not even be posted! Why you ask? Because you haven’t looked hard enough or you don’t know where to really look. If you’re constantly looking at job boards and there’s nothing sticking out to you, it’s time to start thinking out of the box. Some of the hidden gems are right under your nose but you’re looking in all the wrong places! We scoured the internet and learned from our own experiences, so here are the best places to look for a job:

1. Look for recruiting companies specializing in your field of interest.

Whether you are looking locally, internationally or even globally, there are a ton of job sites that have their own niche. For example, 4entertainmentjobs.com is geared towards the entertainment industry including film, tv, music, sports, publishing and the fine arts. Jobs range from broadcasting to acting to set design. Specialized companies are focused on a certain area and their job is to find the right fit. They use all of their resources in that field. Some online job searches are free or will cost you some money. Here’s a tip: search for a promo code or see if a friend will split the cost with you.

2. Subscribe to e-mail alerts.

Now that you have found a job niche site, subscribe to their email. You can tailor their email alerts based on what you’re looking for. Even if you find a job niche site that you have to pay for, sometimes subscribing to their emails are free! Here’s the catch, sometimes they won’t list the exact company, but if you copy and paste the job description, you may be able to find the job listed somewhere else!

3. Ask your friends to ask their parents.

Getting a job now-a-days is all about word of mouth. Look through your friend’s on Facebook, look at their friends and see what types of companies or jobs they may have. If you’re talking to your friend about your current job situation, ask them if they know anyone or if they can keep an eye out for you at their company. Also, ask your friend’s parents, at this point they are either retiring or possibly high up in the company, they can help get your resume pushed to the right person based on their tenure with that company.


Why Yes, I have a job for your friend Pedro.

4. Go to meetups or networking events.

Look for local events on Craigslist, meetup.com or even in the local newspaper. People who are passionate about their job and what they do, usually attract people who feel they same. Check out the chamber of commerce in your area where they have meet-and-greets with local business owners. These are all great ways to meet people who can help you land your dream job.

5. Take a class through a continuing education program or community college.

Obtaining skills that will take you to the next level is the best thing you could possibly do for your career. Even if you’ve obtained your degree, there are online or traditional classes that will help gain skills. With technology always evolving, it means that job skills and actual jobs are also rapidly changing. Taking classes look great on your resume and your instructors have experience in that field. They are great networking resources. Some companies will reach out to professors for internships and job opportunities before posting it on their site.

6. Research people who have your dream job.

Whether you are striving to become a CFO, software engineer or a fashion designer, find people who have your dream job. See where they started, what companies they’ve worked for and educational background. This will give you a general idea of how they got their foot in the door. If you happen to find them on social media, send them a personal message and ask for any advice for someone who is just starting out. Also, see if they are part of any organizations that are geared towards your job.


So that’s what it takes?

7. Join your local temp Agency.

Whether you are a new nurse, a graphic designer, or a project manager, joining a local agency that specializes in your field will not only strengthen your resume, but it will also give you a competitive edge in the job market. Most people are not able to get a job or even a phone call back because they lack experience. However, with an agency, you are able to expose yourself to a wide range of clients and experiences. It is also their job and priority to find you a job, so you don’t have to look alone.

Do you have any suggestions on where you can find the best jobs? Let us know in the comments below!

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