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November 25, 2015 3:40 pm

Football is Soccer?

Story by: You’re Kidding Me

Industry: Bar


Just smile and they will give you money.

So I work for a sports bar here in my neighborhood and most of the bartenders here are girls. I guess the manager figures that girls get more tips, or that he likes to look up our skirts. Whatever. So we all know it’s the world cup season, and I have to admit, it can be worst than the super bowl here. Some of these customers are just plain stupid hitting on us girls thinking we don’t no crap about sports.

Take today for example, 3 customers were hitting on me trying to “educate” me about soccer.

“You know in other countries, they called it football?”

“Us American call it soccer, because our football is the real football.”

“It doesn’t take a lot of kick a ball around, you look like you’re good playing with balls.”

Apparently drinking makes everyone an expert at what’s on tv.

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