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November 25, 2015 12:13 pm

Get a Pedicure!

Story by: FeetsBiatch

Industry: Shoe Retail

Putting on new shoes

I swear this is my shoe size.

So I work in a shoe retail shop, you know, putting shoes on customer’s feet and lying to them that they look great on them. People! People! please wash your feet or get a pedicure if you are going to be shoe shopping. If your feet smells like dog crap, that is usually a good hint to clean them. I understand if you’re shopping and your feet starts sweating, but there’s a big different between sweaty feet verses something that came out of a dog’s ass.  Honestly, especially those people that don’t wear socks. You guys don’t realize how unsanitary people’s feet are. You wouldn’t want to try on a pair of underwear that someone just put on right? well, how is that different from someone having athlete’s foot. Yeah, think about it.

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