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November 30, 2015 5:22 am

My 2 Week Notice is a Courtesy, So You’re Welcome A**hole

Story by: YoureWelcome

Industry: marketing or whatever

I put in my two weeks on Friday and up until now, I really wish I hadn’t. I’ve slaved my blood, sweat, and tears for this job. I’ve volunteered to work weekends and even worked 6 days in a row. If I didn’t mention this to my boss, he would have no idea and probably expect me to come into work the next day.

Since I’ve put in my notice, I’ve gotten the cold shoulder from my boss. He barely interacts with me and won’t look me in the eye. I get it, he’s frustrated because finding someone to replace me will be MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. And he’s thinking, I’ve probably known I was going to quit for a while now.

The job description is misleading and luckily I was able to adapt to the working environment. And in case he didn’t know this, putting in a 2 week notice is a courtesy. I’m giving you two weeks of my valuable time where you can utilize my skills for your company’s benefit. But no, instead he sends passive aggressive emails and pretends I’m not even there and sends me tedious tasks, all of which add no value to my career growth.

No wonder why you’ve had three other people in this position before me. The job title is nothing what the job actually entails, management doesn’t know how to communicate with its employees, they don’t see the value in their employees and they think everyone can be easily replaceable.

For now, I have 6 more working days to deal with a joke-of-a-boss, wishing I just gave him an hour notice instead. Best believe, when it’s my last minute at that job, both of my middle fingers will be up in the air, all the way to my car.


This does not mean I love you.

Good luck finding another person who will deal with your bullshit, crappy pay and misleading services because I will be moving on to bigger and much better things with my life

xo,It doesn’t get any better than this

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