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November 27, 2015 6:15 pm

Getting Attack By A Momma Bear!

Rant by: Person that is never having kids

Industry: Adult Education

Last week I called a student letting him know that he was ineligible for admissions because his GPA was too low and he will need to petition if he wants to be fully admitted. Few days later, I get a call from the student’s mom demanding me to tell her why her son wasn’t able to be admitted and lecturing me about how it feels being a momma bear and how she felt seeing her son not be able to go to school. The mom was yelling, had a southern accent and wasn’t willing to listen to what I had to say.

Momma will take care of this.

Momma will take care of this.

After 20 mins of being constantly cut off by the momma bear and me repeatedly apologizing and saying i can’t disclose the son’s information.

She said:

‘I know he didn’t do well before but he was a child. How can you punish a child for acting like a child!’

I was so close to blowing up on her! In my mind, I was like:

“bitch! STFU and calm the F down, your son is fucking 26 years old and he was 24 when he f**k up on his previous school! How the f**k is he a child?!”

Of course, I couldn’t say all of this shit to her instead I just bit my tongue and thought about what kind of drinks I’m getting after work…..

F**k momma bears and manchilds!

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