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December 1, 2015 3:40 pm

How To Travel For A Living

How do people get paid to go on vacation? You know the sort – you see them on Facebook and Instagram, always in a new country, always doing something awesome, always laughing and smiling. Meanwhile, you’re plugging away at an office job, flipping off your boss under the desk and wishing you were the person taking selfies on a beach in Puerto Rico.

How the hell do travel bloggers make money? What is the secret to getting paid to travel and see the world?

Today we’ll look at professional travelers (travel bloggers, travel writers and online business owners) and how they afford the lifestyle.

Face Reality

The first thing you need to decide is a time frame: how long do you want to travel for? Do you want to work abroad for a few days, weeks, months or be a modern vagabond until you’re grey and wrinkly, before retiring back home? You might want to travel several times a year, every year for the rest of your life, and earn money for it while maintaining a life at home. It’s possible to work around all these variables; they all come with certain quirks and hiccups, but offer different opportunities. You don’t need to be dead-set on a specific path right away, but knowing that you’ve got options is a good start.


Jet lag here I come.

The other crude reality is that getting paid to travel involves a bit of “work”. Sigh. This can also be the fun part of the journey, as long as you love what you do. We live in an incredible era, where technology has made it possible to do a range of jobs from just about anywhere – and sometimes more effectively when you’re not in an office getting distracted by your coworkers and youtube. Still, finding the right kind of work, which pays the right amount of money and matches up with your time-frames and needs, is the trickiest trick of all.

Working While Traveling

Look At Short -Term Work -Travel Options

One of the most productive and practical ways of getting paid to travel is getting a job that allows you to earn well, live cheaply and travel to awesome places nearby with the money you save.

If you don’t own an online business or maintain a blog, think about teaching English in Thailand, picking grapes in France, working on a yacht in the Caribbean, farming in Australia and other steady work that will give you a chance to sample working abroad without  worrying where your next meal is coming from. You could do one every summer if you like, or travel the world for two years doing each one in a row for a limited time.

Become a travel writer.

Travel writing involves being a jack-of-all-trades these days. You need to be savvy with online work, social media platforms, website development (a bit o html and cms knowledge goes a long way), seasonal trends, current issues and always generally aware of what’s going on in the world. You also have to love the craft of writing words, because if you can’t stand sitting at a computer for hours on end, the job will end up driving you crazy. Secondly, because bad writers make even less money than good writers – and even good writers struggle.


I have to work while traveling?

There are a number of ways to be a travel writer, including:

1. Work For A Travel Publication

It’s an obvious place to start, but working for a travel/sport/adventure/exploration magazine will often involve ‘field research’ for articles, although this isn’t guaranteed and you’ll need to work hard to earn your stripes. For a publication to justify sending a journalist to another city, country or continent, you’ll need to prove that your writing will generate enough sales or hits to justify the expense. So when you’re pitching an article to your editor, keep in mind the cost, level of public interest, longevity and timing of the article you are proposing. You may even have to work for free for a while to earn enough street cred with a publication to get your started.

2. Freelance Writing

If you’re a good writer with decent ideas, you can fund your own trips, write about it and then sell your articles to various publications. This is risky because sometimes people won’t buy your work, so you have to make sure you’re committed to the task.

3. Travel Blogging

Travel blogging, as a sustainable way of making money while constantly travelling, has grown into its own monster. Today anyone with an active blog is a potential business owner. The trick is getting people to visit your website – keep this in mind because it’s the final say in everything. If you have a good audience and a big social networking presence, you’re on fertile ground to start making a living out of your travel blog – and to keep travelling to new places from the money you make. But if your blog sucks and nobody reads it, don’t expect to make any money out of it.


Now we’re talking.

Travel bloggers make money in a number of ways, but these are the three most common:

Advertising: if you have big numbers visiting your website, companies will pay to have their banner on it.

Affiliate Networking: By promoting various products through your blog, companies will pay you a cut of the sales that come directly from your site.

Guest Posts: Companies will pay you to post content on your website because of your following, in the hopes of gaining more hits from your popularity.

There you have it.

It’s still work, but not the nine to five hell we’ve all come to loath.

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