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December 1, 2015 9:05 pm

Taking the High Road

Story by: Lexie

Industry: Fitness

So my boss “blows out his back” and sends me a text at 11:40pm asking if I would be able to train his 5am client. Then shows up late to train his athletes. Then thinks it’s cool to drink some morphine in front of everyone because he’s in pain.

Then he wants to call me after I’ve come home to ask if I could teach the 5pm class that starts in a couple hours. Let’s not forget I live about 30mins away WITHOUT traffic and there is always traffic that is starting about now… What kind of management do I work for?

A traffic jam with rows of cars

I wish I had a jetpack.

Irresponsible kind who thinks their employees will bend over and take it up their asses because he thinks we want the hours. But one extra hour is not worth my time sitting in my car. AND we’re independent contractors… So they say. My boss is getting on my last nerve.

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