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November 26, 2015 6:45 pm

I Need a Muscular Naked Body

Name: Mr. Awkward

Industry: Art Director / Medical Field

So I work in the design department of my medical firm. We sell a bunch of equipment to doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. My CEO one day came into my office and asked me a favor.

“Jim, can you take a picture of my face, and Photoshop it on a muscular guy’s body. I prefer him to be naked, with a big you know what.”

Surprised Business Team

Uh…It’s not what you think.


“You are serious?”


“Yeah I’m sending it to one of my clients. I’m actually good friends with him and we joke around a lot.”

Obviously I don’t have much of a choice so I had to do it. So there I was, spending 30 minutes of my life looking at pictures of naked muscular men with big wieners. Honestly, I felt pretty uncomfortable and the photos were making me self conscious about my junk.

Anyhow, my Creative Director walked in and saw my computer screen. She gave me the most disappointed face I had ever witness. I had to explain the situation to her and what went down. She personally think it’s a terrible joke.

After I sent my boss the photoshopped image, he said thank you and send it to the client. Apparently that client thought the joke went too far and I got blamed for letting him make a bad decision. How is that fair?


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