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November 27, 2015 12:48 pm

Guess Auto Insurance is Next?

Industry: Grocery

I work as a cashier for Food4Less. I actually really like my job don’t get me wrong, happy people, happy co-workers, etc. The two thing that gets me every time is:

  1. Customers that ignore my 15 items only express sign. Seriously, I don’t care how crowded it is at the grocery stores, get chur a** in the right line. A lot of people understand that the sign is meant for courtesy, that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of the fact that we wont actually tell you to get into another lane.
  2. People that use their EBT card, food stamp, welfare money, etc. for junk food.

With that said, today was any other day. Until it got really busy in the afternoon. In fact, when a family got to my lane, I noticed that they had TWO carts filled with groceries. I actually politely told her:

“Ma’am, it’s really busy right now, please be courteous to others and wait in the regular lane.”

Her response:

“Hell no, I waited in this line because it’s moving faster, and besides, I got my sodas on the moving table already.”

At this point I’m whatever.

After I checked out her 2 carts of groceries, I rung it up to able $250. I see her 3 young kids running around while my bagger assistant and I put away your boxes of cookies, chips, 3 boxes of sodas, microwave pizzas, candies, etc. Not a single fresh ingredient. At this point, I’m praying she doesn’t bust out an EBT card to pay for all this. Guess what she did? She busted it out.


“ARE YOU F**@#1N6 SERIOUS!?” (in my head)

First she disobeyed my express only sign, and now she’s using tax payer’s money to buy junk food? NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ITEMS WERE FRESH INGREDIENTS. For goodness sake, our WHOLE CHICKEN was on sale for $5 for TWO…TWO. But no, she had to spend $10 worth of potato chips. Obviously I must be paying for her health insurance too. My tax dollar is already going into the insurance of feeding your family processed food, what’s next? Am I going to have to pay for your auto insurance next? If I have to pay for her car insurance one day, urgh. It’s not fair.


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